Marma Ancient Energy work

60m | $95
When Marma points are touched it stimualtes the body's biochemistry to produces exactly what the body needs including neurochemicals, hormones that heal the body, mind & consciouness. helps flow of energy, memory loss, improves lymph & glow to the skin

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Yoga Marma Abhyanga​​
120m | $185
Bringing a beautiful blend of stretching to strength the muscles, increase range of motion along with bringing the benefits of marma abhyanga.


Detox & Re-energize

60m | $90

The most requested & famous treatment in Ayurveda is abhyanga, removes toxins both physical and mental  while simultaneously energines the nervous system, anti-aging, softness & strengthens the skin, benefits the sleep patterns.

Marma Abhyanga

90m | $135
Our sublime full body massage releases the 107 marmas – junction points between the body, mind and emotions, with warm herbal oils to unlock deep-seated muscle strain, clear toxins and provide a profoundly healing experience

Journey towards Mindfullness

60m | $125

With our Special ayurvedic treatment called shirodhara often referred has Bliss theraphy or third eye treatmenet, takes you into a Meditative state, becoming more mindful, relieves anxiety, fatigue, tension, worry, fear and headache as well as depression.